Vision & Mission

In 2012, APM celebrated its 40th anniversary as an automotive components manufacturer and in conjunction with this auspicious event, we launched our new corporate logo; the distinct reverse white APM within a red oval representing the world. The APM brand of automotive parts is poise to make a bigger splash in the regional area and also set the scene for global recognition.

Our Vision: To be global automotive systems supplier, providing one-stop Tier-One service to OEM’s.

APM's vision has always been clear; to be a competitive regional automotive components manufacturer in the midterm and a global supplier in the long term. From a traditional small Malaysian-centric automotive components manufacturer, APM has made the transition to become a regional and global supplier. In the last few years our efforts to establish manufacturing operations in ASEAN, particularly Vietnam and Indonesia, have started to bear fruits.

Our Mission: Our commitment to manufacture in a clean sustainable fashion and providing our customers with products of higher quality.

A strong OEM presence in Malaysia, coupled with manufacturing facilities already firmly established in the region have helped APM’s effort in the local replacement as well as export markets. We are committed to provide our customers with products of the highest quality.

The years ahead are not without challenges. Global price increases in oil and other key raw materials have put extra burden on us to remain competitive. Continuous efforts to streamline manufacturing operations and the use of alternative energy efficient source have already yielded positive results. We are confident that we can overcome the challenges ahead and continue to remain competitive.